Finishing the year well

We have been busy the last few weeks. Wrapping up the year means finishing well with students as well as reviewing the year as a staff team and looking forward to next year.

In terms of student activities, we had a fun end of the year BBQ, at a beautiful home here in Flagstaff, generously shared by a ministry partner here! What a blessing to have a comfortable place to relax and play together, celebrating the year.

We also had fun final celebrations with our small groups. Jeremiah had his guys over and they ate meat (OK, to be fair, Jeremiah says “we ate tri-tip, hon, not meat”). What more fun thing can you imagine? (OK, yes, I am a woman, so I don’t fully understand the bonding power of certain manly foods). But they also had a fun time talking and laughing about the year and looking forward to their various summer adventures. I took my girls up to an overlook on the observatory mesa that looks out over Flagstaff. We enjoyed sitting on blankets, eating cookies, and looking at the beautiful evening lights of the city. We reflected on some favorite memories from the year together and some key things we had learned, then were able to pray together. In the midst of it all, we laughed as some of the girls began to freak out about the dark and the momentary shock of lights shining on us each time a car went by on the road.  Jeremiah and I both had really fun groups of students, and we will miss them this summer. We are praying that they all stay focused on the Lord and take care of themselves both spiritually and relationally this summer.

Fun times at the Flagstaff observatory mesa

Fun times at the Flagstaff observatory mesa

It was also fun doing our last discipleship times for the year. It is fun to share with students how we have seen them grow and challenge them to move forward passionately following the Lord. I enjoyed talking about worship as a natural part of life, looking at some Psalms together to see the picture of someone who finds his satisfaction only in the Lord and who longs for God above all else. This overflows into a passionate pursuit of God on a personal level and also in wanting others to experience it with us.  I am praying that I, along with them, continue to grow in passionately pursuing God in this way!

Finishing well as a staff team is also important and fun. We just returned from the Regional staff retreat in CA, where we were refreshed by hearing some National Cru leaders encouraging us to examine our own hearts to ensure that we are fully submitted to the Lord and experiencing His joy and strength.  We also enjoyed hearing from staff at other campuses about what God is doing there.

Now we turn our focus to our little team.  We have had one semester with Drew and Leah on our team, and it has been great getting to know them and both learning and relying on one another’s strengths. This week we are meeting to look ahead to next year, and we are excited for what God is going to do next year.  God is good, and He is worthy of our praise, our trust and our hope!

Thank you for being part of this year through your prayers and partnership!