A fruitful July

July was a good month, though very busy for us.  With help from my parents (who we stayed with during the whole month), Jeremiah and I were able to work well on our various projects.

Jeremiah was coaching several interns and STINTers all summer as they walked through support raising for their year-long commitment either in the US or overseas, working with Cru. He was able to encourage them from God’s Word to keep going and to remember why they are doing what they are doing; he was also able to challenge them to work harder in little ways, remembering that there is joy in inviting people to partner with you in reaching people for Christ.  One of the coolest things that happened is that one of the girls has had the opportunity to share the gospel with many of her family members that had never heard the truth of God’s Word.  Several of them have seen the hope she has in Christ, asked many questions, and some have turned to Him as well.  God is good, and we never know what he is going to use for His purposes.

At the same time, we were also re-connecting with many of our ministry partners in the Bay Area (what a joy to have so many wonderful people partnering with us in ministry), and also inviting others to consider partnering with us. God graciously provided some new partners, and we praise God for them, and the encouragement the individual conversations Jeremiah had with them brought.  When we share about what God has done and look forward to what we are trusting Him to do in reaching the hard soil of Flagstaff, it reinvigorates our passion for what He has called us to.

Jeremiah and I have had many a conversation and have both laughed and shed many tears as we have thought about what God has done and the desires we have for seeing the Gospel further transform students’ lives and driving them to boldly live for Him wherever they go.  We are so thankful that several of our students are gaining a heart for the lost and for the world, and we long to see God send many more from here to reach this culture and other cultures with the healing, powerful, hope-filled message that is found ONLY in CHRIST!  We are excited to see more transformation like we have seen, and we are trusting that spiritual multiplication will continue to grow as we enter this third year of the Cru ministry here–students and community members pouring into more students.  Please join us in praying for this!

Finally, I was also working on a big legal project in July that has slowly been in the works for a few years. I have been working with a staff member from the faculty ministry of Cru (Faculty Commons) to develop a resource website for Faculty that encourages them to live out their faith in the academy and shares about many of the legal parameters and rights they have as employees of colleges and universities.  I flew to Orlando (to Cru headquarters) for a few days at the end of July to meet up and pull together the final details. We have the content complete and are now working on getting it up online. I am excited about seeing it up and running, and pray that God uses it to encourage faculty members around the country to continue to live for Christ in all they do.

We have just returned home and are now looking forward to the Fall, getting back to planning and seeking God’s wisdom. We excitedly await the NAU students as they return and come for the first time to this university. Please join us in prayer.