Spring Break trip in the Dominican Republic

So a lot of time has passed since mid-March, when Jeremiah helped lead a trip to the Dominican Republic for UofA and NAU students.  It was his 6th time in country for ministry, and it was great to re-connect with the STINT team that he had visited on a coaching trip in the Fall.  I (Lori) did not go this time (after having helped lead the previous two Spring Break trips), but it was good to be able to pray for them from home. We had 3 NAU students go, and there were about 9 UofA students, along with several staff.

The trip turned out well. Many of the US students were young spiritually, so it was a very stretching experience for them.  In order to bless the student ministry there in Santo Domingo at UASD (the HUGE university there), each person in our group focused on really getting to know a few Dominican students, having in-depth spiritual conversations with them that included some basics of the faith and how to grow as a Christian, and then seeking to connect them socially to the Dominican Cru movement there (called Vida Estudiantil).  It was exciting to see God at work in Dominican students and US students through the trip.

Star, one of our students, has been taking intensive Spanish this semester, and loved engaging with the students about the very things that are most dear to her heart. She came back interested in pursuing missions in Latin America for a year or so after she graduates.  Another of our students, Dylan–who grew up in a Christian home–seemed to finally internalize the gospel for himself as he did ministry there and spoke with Jeremiah.  He is transformed, experiencing the joy of the Lord for real for the first time, and we are so excited to see his heart for God and God’s work continue to grow.

Please continue to pray for the Dominican movement at UASD!

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