Birthday and Easter celebrations

It is kind of fun that two of my three kids have birthdays right around Easter (Isaiah March 18 and Bethany April 10.  We celebrate their life and the gift they are to us from God, and then we are able to focus as a family on the new life we have in Christ because of his death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.  This year it was fun because both Isaiah and Bethany understand so much more about Jesus’ sacrifice and really engaged when we read the story from Luke.  They both have great questions and it is very clear that they are trying to internalize what it really means for them.  It was 2 years ago on Easter, when we watched the Jesus Film for Children, that Isaiah indicated that he wanted to give his life to Christ, so that is a special memory associated with Easter too. He is now wrestling with why it is hard to do what he knows he should do, and we are trying to point him to God’s grace and the hope we have in Christ.

Here are some pictures of the kids on Easter. Classic evidence of the reality that it is near impossible to get 3 children to all have pleasant expressions for a picture at the same time…

And here are a couple pictures from the little birthday party we had for the kids with some good friends in town.  I’m afraid I ran out of time to make the cakes particularly cool looking, but everyone had fun – even the 3 dads who were there as they retreated to the kitchen to chat… We are so thankful for our friends and community here in Flagstaff.

We also enjoyed one of the kids’ birthday gifts the very next day – and had our first family kite-flying experience, at the park right near our house.  Bethany wasn’t so sure, but Isaiah took to it right away.


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