Our FlagCru Spring Retreat

A couple weekends ago we had our FlagCru Spring Retreat.  The original plan was to go camping, but plans changed when we saw that a snow storm was headed our way.  We were able to find a church in Prescott (about and hour and a half away) that was super generous in letting us use their fellowship hall to stay in and have our retreat.  We were so blessed to be able to stay there. Because it was so stormy, we mostly stayed indoors and had our devotionals and played games. 

The theme the students who planned it selected was “Revival.”  I (Lori) really enjoyed sharing Saturday night about Revival as a process that starts in our hearts individually, and moves outward to impact others in expanding circles.  I shared some scripture and stories and then left them with four questions to spend some time praying and journaling about.  1) Am I hungry/Thirsty? (Ps 63:1-4); 2) Am I willing to humble myself and seek God’s face? 3) Are I willing to respond to conviction? Titus 2:11-14, Js 5:16 (seeing sin for what it is and asking God to help us remove anything we are doubtful about); 4) Will I ask for and do big things in response? (praying for God to move, and being willing to do whatever it takes to respond and glorify Him with my whole self).

After some amazing worship time led by a friend in Prescott, we split off guys and gals and the women had a great sharing time.  I love seeing women open up, and although it is hard to hear of some of the pain in their past and present experiences, it is often right in that pain that God is able to do the most work of transformation.

Finally, Sunday, we were able to finish off the retreat by seeing one of our new believers from this year get baptized. It was exciting to hear him share his testimony and to remember just how much God has transformed him and is building him up.  He is going to be our MC next year for our Cru meetings and is already taking seriously the call to live a life honoring to God. Although he comes with almost no spiritual background and a long-time habit of partying, he recently committed to not drinking anymore and said he is more joyful than ever. Jeremiah was able to close off that time encouraging the students to live, not for mountaintop experiences like retreats, but with a steady fire under us that comes from living with God’s Word and genuine fellowship as part of our daily lives.

God is at work changing hearts and lives and we Praise Him!  Please do pray that these students continue to grow, and that God will raise several of them up for leadership in this ministry.

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