A Full and Fun Fall

It has been a great start to the school year here in Davis. It is always exciting and fun to meet new students. They are embarking on a school year that holds new experiences, stress (often both academic and relational), and independence like they have never experienced before.

Jeremiah and I love coaching and training student leaders who are driving the movement and ministry on this campus. They are full of ideas and passion. They are beginning to understand what it means to not just embrace faith in Christ as a personal decision, but also to allow that faith to transform them and inform their life goals and decisions. We want them to see—as I have continued to learn over my almost 20 years since I started college—that relationships are supremely important and that we have the perfect example of Christ who prioritized relationships and invested his life and passion into people, ultimately even giving his very life.

We are excited for this weekend, which is our Fall Retreat for Cru at UC Davis/Napa Valley College. I am looking forward to connecting more with some of our newly involved students.

It has been a different Fall for me (Lori). I haven’t been engaging quite as much with students, since I have just started homeschooling Isaiah this year and am also busy with various legal issues regarding campus access from around the country—never a dull moment. IMG_20151005_144831I have to say I am enjoying working with Isaiah, despite the way it further limits my work time. I can see why people love homeschooling. It is so fun to engage with our children and help them think and learn in a focused way. I am even learning things that I either forgot or never learned. Some fun California history and ways of thinking about Math. I also am enjoying the conversations that come up with all the kids because of topics that Isaiah and I are learning or discussing—like our discussion about the fact that we have a 2 party political system in this country, which seemed to fascinate Bethany (it is funny what kids pick up; even though we watch very little media, she asked me “who are you going to vote for for President?”  I said I have no idea, and said I have issues with both parties, but it started an interesting discussion).

Kids love selfies

Kids love selfies

I would not give myself the title of “soccer mom” since I hardly feel like I deserve it. But I will acknowledge that soccer is in full swing-an intense season, but really quite short (Sept – first week of Nov).

Isaiah throw-in

Isaiah throw-in

The boys are both playing, which is fun. Judah has a great little team—I love watching the little 5 year old boys going after the ball and playing hard. I love that all the parents are super encouraging of every kid out there—we just want to see all the boys play well. That may not be the attitude reflected in the boys, however. Judah is a bit competitive…but he is also a great teammate and seems to be understanding a bit about how the game works, looking around for his teammates and passing it to them. Isaiah is learning a ton this year too. Although sports are not intuitive for him, once he learns the rules, he begins to see how it is best to move the ball around and can certainly visualize what he wants to see happen. It is fun to see him beginning to enjoy the game of Soccer.

In other news, it has been HOT here in Davis (OK, keep in mind that my reference from past years was the nice cool Fall of Flagstaff–which we miss). We are still wearing shorts and short sleeves, and have regularly had weather in the 90s. Here we are washing the car (don’t worry–we conserve water–it has been months since washing the car). Any excuse to spray little bits of water on ourselves (haha).

washing the van

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