A New Crop of Students

Transition. Confusion. Loneliness. Excitement. Stress. Hope. New Friendships.

These are some of the things new students here at NAU are experiencing in these first couple weeks on campus. We have had the joy of meeting many new students and inviting them to come find community and support within Cru. We are seeking to welcome and care for new students, and also to have the opportunity to share the hope we have in Christ with them. Jeremiah saw one young man decide to follow Christ after truly understanding the gospel for the first time. It is such a joy to see that “aha” moment and the excitement that follows it.

We have had a couple great first weekly meetings and several fun socials. Even during Labor Day weekend, we had a great turnout for a game night. And this past weekend we had mens’ and womens’ nights, where we were encouraged by the bonding we saw. I had 18 girls over at the house, and everyone seemed to enjoy chatting over snacks, pazookies, and making flower hair clips and lotion bars. I am excited to get to know many of these women better. I know that some of them are having a hard time with the transition away from home, but I am praying that Cru can be the welcoming, genuine community that they need to keep going, and that through it, they will be encouraged to trust in and pursue the Lord in the midst of all the transition involved in starting college.

It has also been fun to see a number of transfer students get involved. Jeremiah has been able to start an upperclassmen mens’ small group (in addition to our dorm small groups) with some of our guys from last year and several new transfer men who are excited to grow and serve. They are wanting to be challenged and shown what it looks like to be a man of God.

In addition, several of our students from last year are stepping up to serve and help meet the needs we have to run the movement this year. We pray that the Lord would continue to develop them in powerful ways this year, so they can become more like Him and experience the joy that only comes from living out their faith and pursuing God’s purposes.

God’s plan is good, and we are seeking Him as we pray for these new students and eagerly wait to see what He will do in their lives.

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