Taking time for Summer Family Fun

We always have very busy summers with Cru responsibilities and travels, but we try to take special moments, half-days and mini vacations to enjoy the wonderful family the Lord has blessed us with. Here are some favorite family moments from this summer, since we returned from summer project, both before and after our Staff Conference.

On our way to Colorado, we got to see some dinosaur tracks, 4 Corners, and stop in Durango for a night.



Then, on our way home from Colorado, we had the chance to stop in Arches National Park to see the amazing rock formations. The kids loved it!


Back home, we worked on some house repairs and enjoyed playing in our backyard.Image


In the past couple weeks, we also managed to take some little hikes and have some fun in Sedona, despite the fact that it is thunderstorm season and has been one of the heaviest rainy seasons in Flagstaff history, with lots of flash floods, etc. Isaiah and Bethany start school this next week, so we wanted to fit it in before managing the schedule for 5 busy people really sets in. It is an amazing blessing to live within a short drive of so many beautiful places and sights!

Here was our little hike in Sunset Crater National Monument:


And here is a gorgeous little hike in Oak Creek Canyon, called West Fork. It is super fun and because it is the time for wild blackberries, we brought our little bucket and picked some. It was worth the scratches. It also took us to a little swimming hole with a natural rock slide that was super fun to play on.



Another day, we were able to go to Sedona to feed the ducks, have a picnic, and enjoy walking around the beautiful downtown area.


Finally, I was able to run the half marathon in Flagstaff that I have been training for all summer. It was a great feeling to finally do what I have talked about trying for years.


We have much to be thankful for!

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