Sending off Sara

So one of the hard parts about college ministry is you have to say goodbye to students that you have worked with for 4 years. This year we said good bye to one such student – Sara. She was with us when we were doing Lifelines and the past two years with Cru. God has done such a move in her life. She went from a freshman who never said anything in Bible study and who didn’t know how to have authentic relationships to a woman entering the Army with a desire to make an impact for Christ wherever she goes (praise the Lord!). Sara has also been special to us because of the way she has been so involved with our family–she has spent significant time with us and our kids love her very much. They are going to miss her tremendously.

This weekend we had the joy of spending the last couple days Sara had in Arizona with her before she headed off for her officer training in Virginia (taking a road trip out there with two of our other students).  It was a special time to just be together and encourage her with what we see in her as well as thank her for all she means to us.  She will be able to visit briefly in a few months before heading off to Korea, but this was her last days living in Flagstaff. We had some special meals together, went garage sale-ing for kids clothes (a Kepner favorite activity), and just hung out.  We praise God for her and trust that God will use her and direct her each step of the way in the coming years!

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