Finishing the semester

So this week is our last week with all the NAU students in Flagstaff. Next week is finals. We decided to make it a full week, and are having a sleepover for some students Friday, a fundraiser garage sale Saturday to raise funds for our students to go to Cru conferences next year (Thanks to all who donated items!), and then our end of the year BBQ and hang out Saturday afternoon/evening.  It will be fun!

We have also been enjoying meeting with the students we disciple and encouraging them with what we have seen in them this year and how they have grown.  We are challenging students to make a plan for their summers so as to not be passive about their walk with the Lord during that time that can get away from us and can cause students in particular to fall into old unhealthy patterns spiritually. So you can be praying for them as many of them head home for the summer.  We could also use some prayers for some relational drama going on within our group. It is interesting how much Satan tries to pull things down that God is building up.  It is a good thing we know who is sovereign and who already has the ultimate victory!

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