Thankful for our Staff Team

Today I went to a park with Judah and just sat with him, had a picnic,and played together. It was a moment of true rest, looking up through the leaves of the trees, rustling in the gentle breeze, with my precious little boy laying next to me and telling me he loves me. It reminded me to take time to reflect on how much I am thankful for. One thing my mind went to after thanking God for Jeremiah and the kids was our staff team…

We have really enjoyed working with the staff team here at Davis. Although we still miss Flagstaff, having great people to work with has made the transition easier.  A number of factors have made it feel like a great fit.

First, there are many young interns on the team, who are all taking big steps of faith and seeking the Lord for their futures–it is an exciting time of life. We are enjoying supporting them and caring for them in this stage, and we love helping to create community on the staff team by having our home be a place for game nights and bonding to happen.

Second, I love seeing a team that acknowledges and celebrates the different gifts on the team. Everyone wants to work together to build up and serve the movement here at UC Davis and on the other campuses in our scope we want to launch movements on. We still have a lot to learn about how to rely on one another and help one another to flourish in our unique giftings from the Lord (functioning as the Body is harder than understanding the concept), but I am certainly love seeing Jeremiah flourish in his gifts of shepherding and vision casting. He has been able to focus on helping others move towards the mission in his caring, compassionate way, humbly pointing others to the power of the gospel and to Christ’s sufficiency.

Third, I am thankful that we get to work with another great staff family here. The Floths are a lot of fun, and our kids love their kids too. It is fun that we are very different from them, yet have similar vision for wanting to see God move through relational networks on campus, and wanting to help students naturally reach their connections and prepare them to continue to live missionally for a lifetime.

Fourth, being on a team has allowed Jeremiah and me to continue to build into the other passions and gifts He has given us as well. Jeremiah has been working hard on seminary in his spare time; he is loving the chance to dig his theological roots in more deeply, and is becoming even more passionate for God’s Word. I have loved the chance to work with some amazing students at Davis while still keeping my primary work focus on my legal responsibilities for Cru. It is such a joy to provide legal support for our efforts in the Campus Ministry to protect and ensure that our mission and messages remain strong and undiluted in every Cru Chapter around the US.

God is good. Life and ministry are not easy, but there is so much joy in the midst of it all. I am glad that God used a trip to the park with Judah to remind me to stop my mind whirring in the business of tasks, and to take a Thanksgiving break.

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