Fall Retreat – a Fun Getaway

We had a fun Fall Retreat this year down in Prescott, AZ, at a wonderful Church that allowed us to use their facilities. We had 23 students attend with our family and our guest speaker, Dave Goffeney (a former Cru staff who is church planting in Tucson). We were all blessed by the time, and saw many of the new students really connect well for the first time (since several of them had only been to a few of our activities before).


We had a lot of fun time (ping pong, interactive group games, soccer and hanging out at a local park, chatting and eating candy—always fun at a retreat).  The content was encouraging and challenging too—Dave spoke on “Becoming what God intended” and focused on where our identity and purpose in life are centered, and how God wants us to shift those to bring him glory and bring us satisfaction.




We also had amazing times of worship, entering before the throne together. The worship was even better because we were responding in our hearts to the truth that Dave had brought us to and that we were able to personalize in our discussion groups.

We are hopeful that students will continue to think about how to place their identity in the Lord above all else, and experience the true freedom and joy that comes from that.  We also pray that they will continue to grow in sharing what they are learning and what they believe with others. We have an opportunity this coming week to do so with our “Think: what’s your perspective” outreach. It is like ones we have done in the past, and is student-led. Our student leaders led the training time and are excited to head up the tabling and encouraging of one another to talk to friends while we are all wearing the green “Think” t-shirts together. Please pray for God to move in and through FlagCru students this week!

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