A Great Start to Summer Project!

As you may know, Jeremiah has been planning and preparing for the San Diego Express Summer Project for months.  He and his co-director of the project have been praying and preparing each detail, asking for the Holy Spirit to guide and enliven each activity and talk.

This week we finally welcomed the students here to the hotel we are staying in for the intense two week experience. In day 5 already, it has been exciting to see how God is stretching and growing the students that have come to participate with us. They come from all over the country, including New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Arizona, and California. We brought one student with us from NAU, our dear Annie (practically part of our family), and she even joined us on our mini one day family vacation before project started.


Annie playing with Judah

The Express project is an intensive two weeks, where the students live and breathe teaching and ministry. Our focus is developing both heart and skills for life and ministry.  We are talking about deepening their walk with the Lord and dependence upon the Holy Spirit through spiritual disciplines, which serve to help us grasp and live out our new life in Christ. We are also training them in many tools for practical Evangelism and using them right away. Almost every day involves teaching, training and doing Evangelism, as well as building friendships and having fun together.  As staff, we are all very busy and engaging almost constantly. But it is so worth it to see God move in their lives and around us (we have already seen 4 people pray to receive Christ through the outreach being done by our group, including a girl from Jeremiah’s home town).


A debrief time with the students

A fun surprise too was being able to see Jeremiah’s Grandparents, who live in San Diego. They have been missionaries for about 55 years, and married for 61, and after they came to have a meal with us, we invited them to share for a few minutes with the students at the start of the evening meeting.  Many of the students were very encouraged by their faithfulness and passion for the Lord over a lifetime!


Fun with the Great Grandparents!

I have also been squeezing in some fun with the kids, enjoying the beauty of San Diego and some summer-time play.  Although travelling every summer for ministry can be stressful, we are blessed and very thankful to be able to go to beautiful places as a family! Thank you for your prayers and for enabling us to minister on this summer project!


Hanging out at Balboa Park

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