Winter Conference 2012 – Undone

Our students at the Beach in San Diego

Our students at the Beach in San Diego

So we had our annual Winter Conference in San Diego and ended up taking 8 of our NAU students with us. They road tripped out there together and bonded over adventures such as a flat tire, etc. The conference was a great experience for them though, and it was exciting to see the ways God worked in them.  The theme of the conference was “Undone,” and there were some amazing speakers who challenged the students to focus on God instead of themselves, to really see Him in all his power and glory, and yet his role as loving, personal, Father as well.  They were encouraged to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to live daily life, and experience the joy of God’s presence that we can experience because of the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Then the last speaker, Michael Oh, challenged them to live as a “normal” radical Christian, because it should be what is natural for us if we are truly following Christ!

Mikayla, one of our students, decided she did not want to wait any longer to get baptized, so we went down to the COLD beach one evening and she and Jeremiah went into the ocean and she took that step of obedience in being baptized. She was so excited, and it was great to pray together as a group for her, huddled on the sand.

God is so good, and I love to see His love and His purposes transform people right in front of us.

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