Fall Retreat on “All Things New”

We just returned from our Fall Retreat camping trip up in Southern Utah. It was a fun time of connecting with several of our new students.  We had about 20 there, and we enjoyed some great devotionals and relaxing times around the campfire. The environment is great for laughing together and also having some deep conversations on hikes as well as in camp.  We wore everyone out with a hike into the famous Buckskin Gulch, and even waded through some deep pools of mud. I will try to link some pictures later this week.

The theme for the weekend was “All Things New,” which enabled us to focus on our new life in Christ and how walking with God means our perspective and our mission and our hope are all new. It was great to see some of the students open their eyes to see new things about God even from the beautiful creation surrounding us. It was also super encouraging to hear some of the students engaging with one another about faith. I heard one student ask another one how they came to know the Lord, and overheard other conversations about how they are so glad they decided to dive into caring about their faith more up here at College. God is on the move, and we are thankful! Thank you for your prayers. Please pray that community continues to go deeper in our small groups and other activities, so that those students who were unable to come on the retreat experience that depth as well.

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