San Diego Express Summer Project – Starting up

The students all arrived a couple days ago here in San Diego for the intensive 2 week summer project. We staff arrived several days earlier and began to pray for and prepare for their arrival. It is a fun group of staff, and an exciting group of students. We have students from all over the country (including MO, WI, WV, TX, CA, and AZ, among others).  It has been wonderful to see the students’ hunger to learn and grow and their willingness to be stretched by sharing their faith in many different ways and places around San Diego in the next two weeks.  It is also fun to see them bond with one another quickly–shared experience is powerful, especially when the group is wanting to function well together and speak into one anothers’ lives.  Two major focuses of this project are (1) learning about the person of the Holy Spirit and how we as followers of Christ can learn to walk in the Spirit on a day to day basis and (2) gaining confidence and skills in Evangelism, an essential part of living a joyful and fruitful Christian life. We are doing devotionals related to these things in the large group, in small groups, and in personal quiet times.  We are also doing training and learning by doing.  Jeremiah and I are thankful to be part of this project, and we pray that God moves in and through those here in powerful ways to build and expand His kingdom.

The kids are doing well, and enjoying playing with some of the other staff kids in the childcare times. Please pray for the students, staff, and staff kids that are here. Thanks!

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